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Photo of a child eating a sandwich by Alex Green

How to remove food stains

It is inevitable that children get dirty when they eat! They often tend to wear on them what they have been eating during the meal… As much as we love to dress them, we also like when their clothes are clean! Here are a few tips on how to remove food stains to always ensure that your children’s clothes are in impeccable condition.

Chocolate stain

Your child just comes back from a birthday party and has brought a little souvenir of the chocolate cake on his shirt?

Here is the solution: scratch the chocolate excedent with your fingernail and then rub a cloth soaked in white vinegar. 

If the stain just appeared, you can simply remove the excedent and then apply a mix of cold water and liquid laundry detergent before putting it in the washing machine.

Fruit stain

Another common food stain would be a fruit stain, very colourful but not that hard to remove! Simply cut a lemon in half and press it against the stain for a few seconds. Rinse the clothing after that.

Tomato sauce stain

The traditional spaghetti bolognese dish is also a big risk for both clothes and napkins.  The best way to remove tomato sauce is with white vinegar or liquid laundry detergent directly applied to the stain.

Saliva or Milk stain

Those stains are easily removable if you act shortly after they appear. Simply mix liquid soap and water in a bowl and apply the mix on the stain while scrubbing.

We hope that you have now some good tips to remove food stains from your children’s clothes and keep them in top condition for resale!



[Photo by Alex Green]

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