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Little boy exploring countryside fields

How to remove grass and mud stains

Is there anything that children love more than playing outdoors? This is still to be proven! They can run, jump, climb and above all: enjoy! But what to do when they come back with stains of mud or grass?


1. Remove mud stains

If your child comes home with a piece of clothing stained with mud, you can’t treat it immediately as the stain is still “wet”. Wait until the mud dries out, then take a toothbrush that you deep into water and detergent before scrubbing the stain. Then put it in your washing machine (usual washing program).


2. Remove grass stains

To remove a grass stain, you can use white vinegar mixed in water or rubbing alcohol mixed in water (to use with caution if the piece of clothe is colourful - try it first on the lining). You have to be extra careful: it is very important to apply the mix with a piece of fabric and not directly on the stain. Gently dab the soaked fabric on the stain.

You can also try to remove the stain by putting a few drops of lemon juice on it. Dab the stain for a few seconds and then rinse the piece of clothing with clear water. Once it is rinsed, put it in the washing machine. 

With to these tips in mind, you can now let your children play outside (almost!) without worrying about their clothes. You may kindly share in the comments which stain you fear the most or what your favourite tips are to remove grass and mud stains.





[Photo by Tuấn Kiệt]

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