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Pancakes photo by gratisography

A family brunch? Yeahhhhh but a GREEN one

What could be better than a family brunch after a lie-in on Sunday morning - at LAMAgazine we cultivate a positive attitude so yes even if it's at 7:10 am, we'll consider it as lie-in!

On the menu, green, green and green again. As we told you we are optimistic hence we picked the colour that, at least when it comes to food, kids are the least excited about. They will change their minds at the end of the meal, guaranteed result 😉


Your family brunch menu by our LAMAchef Manon:

- Cold zucchini soup with basil

- Scrambled eggs with asparagus

- Banana pancakes (see the recipe below)

- Coconut milk and lime and avocado / pineapple smoothie.

A balanced and tasty brunch that will suit children (from 1 year old) as well as adults. So, ready to play the game too?


Banana, coconut milk and lime pancakes recipe (without egg and sugar)

Let us keep in mind that the more we avoid sugar for young children, the better. There are many ways to sweeten cakes, desserts without incorporating refined sugar. Here we have chosen fruit, coconut milk and cinnamon.

We have also opted for a recipe without eggs since your child will already have had it as a main course as scrambled eggs.

To make delicious pancakes:

  • Mix 2 bananas, 150 grams of flour and 150 ml of coconut milk
  • Add the zest of an untreated lime and a pinch of cinnamon to the dough

And hop! when cooking, put a little bit of oil in a pan or bake it directly in the crepe maker. Flip back and forth and you're done.


Bon appétit! 

Family brunch by LAMAchef Manon
[Main photo by Gratisography]
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