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An Eco-Friendly Chinese New Year

An Eco-Friendly Chinese New Year

Discover the great tips from our partner Susgain to prepare more sustainable Chinese Year celebrations this year!


Chinese New Year special tips

- Upcycle red packets, send them for recycling, or even better send e-ones!

- Participate to bECOme’s project “Circular CNY program” and return cookie jars to participating bakeries (com/circularcny2021).

- Instead of buying new clothes for CNY if you’re going to wear them only a few times, why not wear second-hand/rent clothes like it’s new? Check out Susgain's guide to sustainable fashion and discover Mini Lama’s CNY selection.

- You might be left with a lot of mandarin orange peels from CNY celebrations. Try making these DIY non-toxic cleaning sprays with them, it’ll make CNY last for a while more and leave a pleasant smell in your home.

- Start early with your spring-clean! Find tips on How to Declutter Your Home


Support Local Businesses

In order to reduce the carbon footprint of food, prefer to local, or at least from Malaysia or Thailand. In the supermarkets, look out for the red sticker that distinguishes locally grown products. You can also filter out local products on RedMart website. Another option is to subscribe to local farms’ boxes and buy via Susgain from ShiokFarm or Goodness Graciously to earn cash back rewards and automatically support a local charity of your choice. 


Donate or compost leftover food

Did you know that during CNY, food waste increases by 20%?! This festive season, let’s try to reduce it by eating moderately and by composting leftover fruit and vegetable peels. Susgain has gathered some composting tips and resources to help you to do so. 

You could also reduce food waste by encouraging your family, guests and neighbours to dabao leftovers! In order to save on some money and prevent food waste, you could buy your vegetables from UglyFood and/or shop from Just Dabao and treatsure to rescue unsold delicious food from eateries. Good for the planet and your wallet!


No disposables

Plastic cups and cutlery, disposable paper plates and napkins… It’s not trendy anymore! Go for reusable options like the affordable crockery rental from Shinpuru Solutions – they also provide washing services! Or you could use the existing cutlery and washable dining cloth napkins you have at home, or even to encourage people to BYO cups and boxes.


Sustainable decor

You can upcycle, recycle or reuse for your event decor. You can even buy pre-loved art decor items from upcycling Facebook groups such as Art Don’t Throw or Carousell. This will be cheaper and kinder to the planet! Upcipes has a guide to cute string art decor. Secondsguru also shares several great ideas to upcycle red envelopes into Chinese New Year decorations. It can be a fun activity with your children to even reuse last year’s decorations, upcycle gift hampers, and create DIY lantern lights.


Gong xi fa cai!



[Photo by Sharon McCutcheon]

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