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5 reasons to buy & sell on Mini Lama

5 reasons to buy & sell on Mini Lama

If you are still hesitating to buy or sell on Mini Lama, this article will help you make your decision!


1. A tasteful selection of clothes and toys for your children

All the items are carefully selected by Mini Lama’s team, a particular attention is paid to the quality, the brand, the style and the condition. Then each item is treated with love and extra care until it reaches its new home.

At you’ll find a tasteful and qualitative selection for your little ones!

2. A smooth selling experience and cash in your pocket

Selling our children’s items can be a real hassle:  select them, take a picture of each item, post them online, arrange the pick-up…This is why at Mini Lama we’ve decided to take care of everything and pay cash or via Mini Lama credits for your items. 

You just need to choose the pick-up option that you prefer and let the LAMAgic work! 

3. Lovely prices

Prices are set to be the fairest possible for both our sellers and our buyers. We want our items to be affordable without compromising the quality of our selection. On Mini Lama you can enjoy up to 70% off the retail price. 

For the sellers, we aim to buy their items at the best price possible. The criterias we use to define our prices are the estimated retail price, the condition and the brand of the item.

4. Contribute to add positive vibes to a rather gloomy world

At Mini Lama, we believe in the power of small steps to make collectively things evolve in the right direction. Our way to contribute to a better world is to offer a responsible and sustainable alternative to parents by giving their children’s clothes and toys a second life.

And because we try to give back each time we can, the parents have the possibility to donate all unselected items to our charity partners – that way many more children are giving another joyful life to pre-loved clothes & toys ♡

5. Behind the scene: a human story

Above everything, Mini Lama is the story of Caroline and Myrto, two entrepreneurs, who love to dress their children with pretty brands, buy them nice toys (often in wood), with a habit of buying second hand whenever they can… 2 "mum'preneurs" who dared to create their company to ease busy parents’ life and  add some positive vibes and actions in our world.

Mini Lama’s promise is to do our very best to offer you the most enjoyable experience whether you sell or buy pre-loved children’s items: easy and joyful!




[Photo by Spike Cuizon]

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